Who are we?

01Our Philosophy

Dealing with nature, the elements, standards and people is often complicated…and yet every day we keep moving forward.

02Our Commitment

Soil maintenance, treatments, pruning, fertilization management…until the moment of harvest, we pay particular attention to the quality of the olives. As soon as they are harvested, they are brought to the mill for crushing. Once recovered, our oils will be analyzed in laboratory, then a control of their organoleptic typicity will be carried out by a tasting commission.

03HVE Labeling

Since 2018, SOLEILdesCAPITELLES affirms its commitment and respect for the environment by obtaining the High Environmental Value label, or HVE, the cultivation of our olive trees being governed by the principle of sustainable agriculture.


He does not exist. No, Time is what you make of it.

1st GenerationHow much time has passed since this union between two families, the Dumas and the Privats, (Emma Dumas and Prospert Privat, my great great grandparents), which anchored our roots in the lands of Castelnau-Valence.
2nd GenerationMoments of happiness and sharing for my great-grandparents (Alice and René Peladan) and the pickers from Grand Combe. Moment suspended and fixed forever for our greatest pleasure.
3rd GenerationNew union, the Peladan and Bruchet families will unite at the wedding of my grandparents (Monique and René), surrounded by their respective parents, Alice and René for my grandmother and Marcelle and Auguste for my grandfather.
4th GenerationMy parents, Claudine and Didier took over the property in 1997. After more than 25 years in the working world, they made this crazy bet for the time, to stop everything and refocus on what they really loved, earth and nature.
5th GenerationFollowing a radical “imposed” change of life, Laurent decided to take over the olive-growing part of the family business. After 2 years of learning and research, the SOLEILdesCAPITELLES adventure was launched.

The Different Plots

Different lands, different soils, different sunshine, and yet…

MeetThe Olive Team

Nothing is more beautiful than a family united around the same passion

An olive tree is extinguished,
another one succeeds him,
from its rejects,
as another himself,
an olive tree never dies without an heir. Albin Tutorer
We believe that the key to success is teamwork, and we have assembled not a team, but a family with unmatched experience and passion
Image portrait Celia RIBOT
The Supervisor

Célia Ribot

The olive maker

Didier Aldon

The logistician

Claudine Aldon

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