Soleil des CapitellesIt's a whole story...

…stories told by grandparents and taken up by parents, stories told during a lunch in the family house, between mistral, sun, cicadas and summer perfumes.

To my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents...

Soleil des CapitellesOlive Oils

Extra virgin, virgin, or aromatic, Bourbon vanilla, bird’s eye peppers, lime oranges, so many invitations to travel!

Extra Virgin Olive OilAOP Nîmes

  • OriginPicholine, Gard olive, which is rooted in Collias and is now the pride of our entire department.
  • Tasting sideIntense taste (green fruity). Very fragrant, plum, artichoke aromas, with bitterness and ardence that make it fresh and delicate.
  • Culinary sideIt will seduce you in salad seasoning, on a plate of fresh pasta and very amazing on strawberries.

Culinary preparationBird peppers

  • OriginBird peppers from Reunion Island and olive oil from Negrette.
  • Tasting sideVery aromatic, this culinary preparation has vivacity, tonicity, flavors characteristic of the “bird” chili peppers of Reunion.
  • Culinary sideIt will be perfect on grilled meats, pasta dish, rice, egg flat, and even on cooked cheeses.

Extra Virgin Olive OilNegrette

  • OriginA small olive variety, originally from Gard, which is also found in the foothills of the Cevennes.
  • Tasting sideSubtle taste (ripe fruity). Notes of dried fruits, liquorice, flowers, sometimes decorated with bitterness and a very light pungent.
  • Culinary sideIt will be revealed to you on raw and cooked vegetables, fine fish, poultry, or even desserts.

Culinary preparationVanilla Bourbon

  • Origin100% natural Vanilla Bourbon pods from Ile la Réunion and a Negrette olive oil.
  • Tasting sideThis culinary preparation will surprise you with its flavor and take you on a journey to other horizons.
  • Culinary sideIt will take all its meaning on scallops, a white fish, will enchant a fruit salad, a sorbet of red fruits or a chocolate ice cream.

Culinary preparationCitrus

  • OriginOranges, married with green lemons and Negrette olive oil.
  • Tasting sideThe slightly sweet taste of oranges, the acidulous green lemons married to Negrette’s extra virgin olive oil offer an elegant, fresh and delicate result.
  • Culinary sideIt will seduce you in salad seasoning, on a plate of fresh pasta and very amazing on strawberries.

Soleil des CapitellesFamily Lands

On one of our lands was erected in 1816 a “capitelle”. Our ancestors inherited an ungrateful, stony soil that forced them to clear and remove the stones one by one, with their bare hands, to plant vines or olive trees.

With these stones they delimited their olive groves with low walls and built “capitelles”…

olive oil &...The 3 Families
of Tastes

Subtle Family

Oils with a subtle taste (fruity ripe): from ripe olives, the olive oils of this family are extracted from fresh olives. They are generally sweet with aromas of fruits (dried, ripe), flowers accompanied by vegetal notes.

Intense Family

Oils with an intense taste (green fruity): this family of oils is extracted fromfresh olives, harvested during the ripening process. They can present a light to medium bitterness, the gustatory notes are vegetable, herbaceous.

Old Fashioned Family

Old-fashioned olive oils (matured olives) differ from the first two because they have neither fresh fruit character nor vegetable aroma. They come from olives that are stored and matured for 4 to 8 days, under appropriate and controlled conditions, before extraction.

Soleil des CapitellesThe Faces behind the Olive Trees

Each member of the family participates in the development of the property. The generations succeed one another and each one brings their visions, their improvements. We speak of know-how in the plural. The passion transpires and it is with simplicity that we will welcome you to our home.

Passion & Respect
for nature from generation to generation. didier aldon

Soleil des CapitellesFor You

In the heart of a small picturesque village,
discover our charming cellar
and experience a meeting around taste

Visit, discovery, tasting by appointment
( 04 66 43 04 65

They will tell you about us..., again thank you for their trust
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