Subtle Taste

The olive growers pick the olives intended for the production ofolive oils Subtle Taste (fruity ripe) between November and December, when they have reached maturity. Being necessarily an extra virgin olive oil, the production process remains the same: quick crushing after the harvest, mechanical cold extraction without heating or chemical products.

The olive oil Subtle Taste (ripe fruity) has a less pronounced bitterness and ardence than a green fruity. Nevertheless, it has a very rich aroma and is suitable for many dishes, both sweet and savory.
When tasted, flavors of red fruits, flowers, ripe almonds, hazelnuts, or banana may appear. The ripe fruity olive oil is considered the most delicate; it is long in the mouth and will enhance the taste of your food. For cooking, it goes perfectly with fish, white meats, starches but also with many desserts (chocolate fondants, fruit salads ….).

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